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Ron Weasley
1 March
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Ron Weasley

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Name: Ronald Bilius Weasley
Birthday: March 1, 1980
Blood: Pure
Sexual Orientation: Omnisexual. Ron is a manly man, and sex is sex. He grew up in a house with too many teenaged boys in it to be put off by the nitty-gritty details of sex.
Occupation: Staff photographer for Bedknobs


Height: 6'1"
Build: slender
Weight: 190lbs.
Eyes: blue
Hair: red

Ron grew into his tall, thin, rather wiry frame, though not by much. He is still rather slim, but he keeps in shape and he’s put on a bit of muscle. His shoulders broadened out a little as well, and he’s quite an attractive man. Of course, everyone has their physical faults. Ron counts his as including his ubiquitous freckles, his long nose, crooked from taking a bludger to the face in a pick up quidditch game with his brothers a few years ago, and his quickly growing facial hair that gives him a five o’clock shadow by one in the afternoon. All in all, though, Ron’s quite unconcerned with his appearance. He’s picked up a bit of confidence throughout the years and figures he is what he is and thus doesn’t put much effort in, earning him a rumpled, carefree look. He wears his hair neither long nor short, though occasionally he forgets to get it cut and it gets very shaggy indeed.


Ron is a rather laid-back manly man. He’s very physical and enjoys working out at the gym. This translates to his rather uncanny ability to get some great photos thanks to his willingness to be rather, er, hands on. (Ron is a photographer for the men’s porn magazine Bedknobs and will even do the occasional spread of gay porn.) He is, of course, a typical red-blooded male: he likes sports and sex and drinking with his mates. He’s not particularly mature all the time and he swears quite a lot, but he often displays an incredible, frank sort of wisdom, and it’s usually completely unintentional. Ron isn’t dumb, but he certainly lacks some of the finesse and tact that others have picked up over the years. Of course, sometimes his straightforward honesty is incredibly refreshing.

He also likes to laugh a lot and he’s got quite a lowbrow sense of humour. He’s completely unashamed of his career choice, even if it undoubtedly flusters his mother, and he actually quite enjoys it. His guileless approach to his career also tends to get rid of the creepiness one might expect from someone in such an industry, but if someone did react badly to his job, Ron would probably be able to talk them around. Oh, don’t get me wrong. He isn’t eloquent by any means, but his opinion is that sex is sex and everyone has it, so why bother being shy about it? Plus, he’s a pretty tough person to argue with, stubborn sod.

Though Ron has a healthy appreciation for the human body, he quickly learned the dangers of expressing that incorrectly, especially where women are concerned. Though he still comes off rather on the crass and blunt side of acceptable, he’s learned how to talk with enough respect so as not to get punched or have the girls he’s photographing walk out of the studio. He’s always been better at dealing with men than women, however.

Ron’s the low key bloke that takes many things in stride, though he’s very protective of friends and family and won’t hesitate to get worked up over them. He can be, of course, rather moody and volatile (he wouldn’t be Ron without the odd irrational temper tantrum), but those traits have mellowed out considerably since his legendary snit over the Triwizard Tournament situation.


After the war ended, Ron stayed at home for a little while because he was just happy to be around his family without having to worry if that’d be the last time he saw them. He had a job during the day at Quality Quidditch, even though it didn’t pay much, and contented himself by spending time with friends and family. After a few months, however, he got a bit sick of the monotony and signed up for a few night classes in journalism (mostly because that’s what Harry was doing). He ended up shagging a girl who was really into photography and she got him hooked. He dropped his two writing classes and took up photography, beginning the habit of taking a picture of every significant other (who very rarely lasted more than a week or two) and shag buddy before the two of them parted. He still has all of them in a shoebox with dates on and adds to them whenever there’s anyone new.

As Ron’s fascination for photographing people developed, someone (likely Hermione) suggested that if that’s what he likes, he should be doing that for a living and not working for peanuts at a sports store. Ron, in all honesty, hadn’t even considered this. He hadn’t known such a career even existed. A few months later, his artwork got him a job first as a freelance photographer and then, not too long after, as a staff photographer at Bedknobs. Ron loves his job and has a reputation for exploring fascinating and artistic angles. He’s not exactly developing a name for himself as a photographer, but he secretly harbours dreams of one day holding an exhibition of his work that people would come from miles around to see. Of course, this isn’t a very manly aspiration so he doesn’t talk about it. Ever.

Ron is, not surprisingly, close with Harry and Hermione, as well as all of his family. He tried to keep in touch with his mates from school, but he's not exactly the most on top of it person when it comes to organization and letter writing and whatnot. He would certainly have been friendly to any old pals he might’ve run into.

Ron is quite settled in his life and shortly after getting taken on as a staff photographer (at nearly 20 years old), he moved into his own flat in only a few blocks from Harry’s. It’s not a big flat, or a particularly nice one, but it is free of spiders (and most other bugs), he’s got a large, comfy bed, and manages to keep his kitchen relatively stocked, so he’s happy. Of course, because Ron lives alone now and is expected to do his own cooking and cleaning, there is often a healthy amount of disgust from Hermione about the cleanliness of his bathroom and the fact that the Chinese food delivery guy knows his name.

Ron has never been in a serious relationship, really, save for twice. Sort of.

First, of course, was Hermione. They saw each other for three years out of Hogwarts until a rather fantastic row ended their relationship. Things were a bit weird for a while, but eventually they said enough was enough and admitted they were better off as just friends. Now, they're closer than ever and quite able to joke about it all.

His second relationship was with the first bloke he ever shagged. They ended up seeing each other for just over a month. It ended because Ron didn't exercise discretion and he didn't really care who knew what. Andrew wasn't quite "out" yet and he couldn't handle Ron's stubborn refusal to consider dating a bloke an issue, and so they eventually split up on a bad note. Ron has never "come out" to anyone because he just doesn't think it's an issue. He doesn't hide it in any way, but he doesn't throw it in anyone's face, either. Of course, at times there have been people (most often drunks in bars late at night) who voice their disagreements with Ron's lifestyle, but he shut them up with a heavy fist to the face. Generally, though, anyone who knows Ron and cares to pay attention to his love life woul be aware that he sees both men and women as he sees fit.

Disclaimer: This is an RPG journal. It's all fictional and no money is being made. Use your brains. Oh, and it'd be nice if you didn't sue me or anything.