Ron Weasley (baretheboy) wrote,
Ron Weasley

Well, suppose I might as well stick to the topics of my last post and give you all an update.

My deadlines are all met, I'm ahead on my work, Ginny is no longer "dating" Malfoy, my hand is working just fine, and I just had some very satisfying afternoon sex.

Good day.

Right, anyway. Charlie, you great prat, you've been out with Ginny twice already and you haven't even come to say hello? Just for that, you're taking me out for dinner. Tonight? Now? I'm starving.

Oi, and I learned a new word from the bloke I was shagging. Draconian. It means really harsh or severe or whatever. Apparently it's after some old muggle politician bloke named Draco who made some laws or codes or something that were really cruel. It came up in conversation is all, and I thought it was, you know. Sort of relevant.
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