Ron Weasley (baretheboy) wrote,
Ron Weasley


First of all. Malfoy? Stay the fuck away from my sister. You're really starting to get on my nerves.

Second of all. Ginny? Stop. Flirting. With. Malfoy. It gives me a sodding headache and I don't need one right now. If you insist on dating the ferret, at least don't talk about nursing him back to health in public, okay? Because it makes your LOVING OLDER BROTHER WITH A STRONG RIGHT HOOK want to kill a certain blond prick and we've already talked about how I don't want to go to Azkaban. Thank you.

Third of all. I was developing film at the studio this morning and the lightproof door opened because I have yet to fix that sodding latch. Anyway, I was trying to shut it quickly and I smashed all the fingers in my hand. So not only did I wreck what I'd hoped would be a great roll of film, I also have to learn to wank with my left hand for a week until the bruises fade. Goody.

And I've got to get that model back by Wednesday or I'll miss my deadline, so hopefully he can come up tomorrow. I've hardly got any free time this week after six tomorrow night.

It was not a good day.
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