Ron Weasley (baretheboy) wrote,
Ron Weasley

Cor, so the woman I photographed this morning had two piercings in each nipple. I think the whole trend of putting bits of metal through various parts of yourself is more a muggle thing than anything, but it certainly worked for her. She had these great shoulders, too, and I took a bunch of photos that the boss is going to hate because they're a bit too artsy and not so porny, but I think they're fantastic anyway. I suggest the lot of you pick up a copy of the next Bedknobs to get a look at her, she was fantastic. I almost rethought my whole "don't mix work with play" idea, but I guess in a career like mine professionalism is important if I want any sort of, you know, credibility.

Oy, Harry, I think my assistant rates you. Care for a set up?
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