Ron Weasley (baretheboy) wrote,
Ron Weasley

Okay. Okay. I bet you've all been wondering where I've been.

I got a rush assignment on location a few towns over in some weird little tent town in a sort of miniature valley. Weird, right? So I was only supposed to be gone for two days, but fucking Merlin you should've seen the view there. And by view, I don't just mean Miranda and her skin, though that does feature in a lot of my pictures.

Anyway, taking a few rolls only took another day and a half, really, but I've been locked up in my dark room for the last week putting it all together.

Mates, you have to come see this. I've built one of those foldy room divider wotsits to display this lot of photos. It's fucking fantastic. And I mean, I don't mean me. I mean the pictures and the way they all came together. It's like... a portrait of a girl but it's... I can't even explain it, I'll sound like a total ponce.

Anyway, I mean it. You should all pop by and take a look. Hopefully you'll all like it better than Lavender did. I met her for a quick lunch today and told her about it, and she got pissed I'd been photographing a naked woman "for fun", never mind that I do it for work every bloody day. And it isn't "for fun". It's for art.

Oh, sod it. It doesn't matter.
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